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Thread: USB Loader GX, Monster Hunter Tri, and a blinking light

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    Cool USB Loader GX, Monster Hunter Tri, and a blinking light

    I followed the guide to try and play Monster Hunter Tri and then I selected to play the game on IOS 223 in USB Loader GX. It started to run, but then it froze after I selected "Begin Game", so I rested the Wii. I tired again, but now whenever I try to use USB Loader GX, it freezes and the blue light in front of my Wii keeps blinking and now I can't play any of my games. Before it freezes though, it shows me a small log of what it's doing and it shows that it's trying to configure to IOS 223 and then it freezes. So my guess is that I need to change the IOS back to 249, but I can't do that since I can't get to the configurations menu since USB Loader GX won't load.

    Any way I can change the IOS back to 249 without having to get to the configurations menu? Thanks in advance. By the way, the games do load on NeoGamma, except for Monster Hunter Tri, of course.

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    Questions related to MH3 go in the MH3 thread. Thanks.
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