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Thread: can't instal new cIOS hermes pls help(download fails)

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    can't instal new cIOS hermes pls help(download fails)

    Ok I am trying to install Hermes cIOS222 223 but when I end the selections and itís time for the installer to download the contend it just fail to download the files and send me back to HBC , I have my wii (black edition) hardwired to my modem and I play multiplayer games normally but I canít install new Hermes because it keep fail at downloading the files (I tried the search and I canít find anything about my problem if you have find something pls just post the link thanks)sorry for the bad English (i am using ios 249 by the way)

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    I also wasn’t able to install the ios( 202,222,223) from the 4.2 tutorial

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    Try again later. Maybe they are havingg server problems.

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