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Thread: X-oom Media Center

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    X-oom Media Center

    X-oom Media Center
    has anyone tried it?
    what do you think is it any good?


    Google Image Result for

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    is this for wii?
    if it is can it launch games???

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    dont think so, this is the speal on the link

    X-oom Media Center for Wii is a web based Media Center. While being similar to Orb, it has an advantage in that it is optimized to be used with the Wiimote. From the screen shot above you can see that the interface is cleanly laid out so you can navigate around. X-oom Media Center for Wii will require a Windows computer on the network for it to work. But they claim it has 1000’s of online music and videos channels.

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    Go with WiiMC

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    This is a web based media player, you will need to have another PC to run the video streamer, etc off.

    Basically this is not local, and you will have to run it via opera browser.


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