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Thread: USB Loader GX and Rock Band 2 DLC issues

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    USB Loader GX and Rock Band 2 DLC issues

    Hi, I've been modding for a while now and I have Rock Band 2 on my USB Loader GX. There is no problem booting the game at all. The problem that I'm facing involves DLC. I have Wads installed for DLC and those work fine.

    I recently purchased an SD (not SDHC) card specifically for my RB DLC. When I started the game it asked me to activate SD mode. Ok no problems there.

    I downloaded quite a few songs and then I got hit with a message "no more room on wii memory, open more blocks" so I exited out of the game and for whatever reason, the DLC saved to the Wii memory NOT the SD like I told it to. So I went to system settings.....MOVED the data to the SD card and deleted it off my Wii memory. I thought my problem was solved but it wasnt.

    EVERYTIME I boot up the Wii to play RB it keeps sending the data AGAIN to Wii memory forcing me to go back and delete it AGAIN. This cycle never ends.

    Is there is a way to send the DLC to SD ONLY and stop eating up the Wii memory?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Make sure you're using a decently recent revision of cIOSes. Also, make sure you launch the game with a cIOS based off 37 (in my case, I'm using rev19, installed to slot 249 using base 37) - this also solves any outstanding microphone detection issues you might have had.

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