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Thread: Installing IOS

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    Installing IOS

    I am fairly a noob to HB. I want to delete all softmodding fro my wii and star over. I saw Dogeggs post and wanted to know how to install the IOS-60-v6174.wad.

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    you got to do a lot of readin to undertsand at least what your doing say you noob and dont know how to install wads.....i wouldnt do the guide just yet...

    see if community can help before you virginize
    give the info about your wii(firmware... guide followed) the last thing you did to it before your problem started

    SysCheck 1.6.rar download/extract put in apps folder on your sd run in hombrew when done you ll have a csv file on the root of your it with notepad copy paste info here

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    Removing softmods is rarely necessary and should really only be carried out if you are selling the Wii or have a serious issue that cannopt be resolved in any other way. Removing softmods so you can follow a different softmod guide because you have no idea what you did the first time is just asking for problems.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    back to factory

    I lent my wii to a family member & him & his friends tried to hack it. It don't play games now & I would like to make it either factory again or put a real hack on it. Can anyone help me?

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    If you want a fresh virgin wii then dogeggs has a guide on it. If you want a 100% hacked unstoppable killing machine of a gaming system follow the update your softmod guide in my sig. If you're on 4.1 already ignore the update part.


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