News: Sadness Officially Cancelled

Posted by Tom "Tphi" Phillips - Apr 5th 2010 14:23

The Wii's most prolific piece of vapourware was confirmed as cancelled yesterday, in a blog featuring music by the game's composer Arkadiusz Reikowskiego. Polish indie developers Nibris had long hyped-up the title, even going so far as releasing a live-action trailer, although the game never materialised despite continued promises.

Confirming the "cancellation of the entire project", the blog (translated from Polish) reads:

"The title was to be an ambitious adventure game for the Nintendo Wii, but after several months of work, hearing about it disappeared. As it turned out, Krakow's Nibris eventually abandoned the project and it's certain that it will never see the light of day."

We first reported on Sadness upon its announcement back in March 2006, and followed its progress through an unsuccessful partnership with Frontline Studios, which ended in 2007. Despite this, developers Nibris were promising the title would surface as late as E3 2009.

The afore-mentioned live-action trailer, no gameplay footage contained.

In May last year we interviewed an ex-employee of the company who spilled some rather surprising details, including that in the space of a year and despite the above trailer, the only object he'd seen modelled for the game was "some minecart ... which says a lot ... most of the time the Sadness project was science-fiction."

For those interested in the project, our full interview contains more information on the game than Nibris actually ever released. It's always a pity when a game which, a long, long time ago, promised so much is finally confirmed as dead. But it'll be fairly pretty easy to mourn this one when Sadness seems to have been on life-support for some time.
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I was wondering what had happened to this game. It turns out that it never actually existed. I thought the idea of it was interesting at the time. Now I'm not so sure, seeing as how poorly similar games have faired lately. I guess things like this happen when you hype a game before its actually made.