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Thread: Naves Official Game of the *undetermined amount of time* Thread

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    Post Naves Official Game of the *undetermined amount of time* Thread

    Hey guys,

    Ok now that school has started i am not sure i will be able to play a new game each week, and im not sure i will be able to get a new game to rent each week so for now I'll tell you what i have played and what i thought of it. If you have played any game i review for this site and would like to add please post away. If you want me to STFU then you should probably not post here. Capiche? lol

    Ok so for this week i rented Far Cry Vengeance, This series i had just gotten into on the Xbox with instincts, This game is VERY similar to that. The cut scenes are ripped from the xbox game and are very choppy and not up to next gen graphics. I have seen in Call of Duty 3 how good it can look and this seemed rushed. The only new aspect is of course the controls, reloading and changing weapons can be done with the flick of a wrist and a melee attack is done with the flick of the other wrist.

    They make good use of the games inherent features with the transformation between beast mode in which the graphics were choppy if you ran to fast to far, overall id give this game a 2 out of 5. Just because the Cut scenes are from another game, they didn't harness the real power of "Hollywood" and the only cool thing is the controls and the new levels. If you like the far cry series you should give this game a try, otherwise go buy another FPS. There are better out there.

    I was a little disappointed with the cut scenes, and the story is all the same so really they should have called it Far Cry: Instincts V.2
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    I remember playing the original far cry and loving it so it's sad that they are sort of just slapping in the cut scenes from the other game. Hopefully if sales remain high they actually focus more on a unique experience instead of just the re-hash.
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