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    Custom wii

    I just got my girlfriend wii back today, it was full brick, the guy told me he ordered a new infectus2 chip and he still was unable to recover the nand so he change the complete mainboard. He put a brand new one. But the drive in has a wikey 1 chip. The firmware is 4.2U ( don't worry I didn't pay the real price of a new wii board )

    my question, I want to softmod it to play games from my external HD just like I do with my own 4.1 wii. But I don't know wich guide should I use, the messie or shadowsonic2. I will not read every comments as there is too much. I know both are good but I want the best so...

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    Flip a coin. Both are great.

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    I'd go with messie's because that's the guide that junkmail has a link to in his sig lol.


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