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Thread: Modchip is install, what's next

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    Modchip is install, what's next

    I just install the modchip into the wii conole. What is the next step. does the system needs to be reinitialized with a non-backup games? Or can I just put the backup games and start playing.

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    I hope I installed the chip correctly. Install a D2Pro9 v3 onto the console with DMS version firmware. The system did fired up and able to play original game but can't read the backup. I am not sure if the backup is bad or I installed the chip wrong. The D2Pro9 v3 is an over kill for DMS version firmware. Based on the serial number I thought I have d2c version. Can someone give me a schematic for the DMS version to wire a D2pro9 chip? Thanx in advance.

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    For DMS it should only be a 5 - wire installation. Points C,D,E & F should not be connected. Take a look at the following

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    I use the same schematic to install the chip. I'll check on the solder joints again once i get home. Maybe I got a bad backup. my system did power up and able to play non-backup which a good thing. I didn't brick it.

    What dose this mean? This is on the legend of the schematic.
    For region free, you must load an OWN REGION game disc following
    installation for this feature to be activated!"

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    I should have check this before I close up the console. Is there any indicator light on the D2Pro9 v3 chip showing if the wiring is correct or not? Example, no light = no power or red is bad or green is good?

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    It means the first game that you should insert into the Wii after installing the modchip should be the same region as your wii in order to make your Wii Region Free that will allow you to play games of other regions.

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    So what I did was correct in term of initializing the system after the modchip is installed. My console is a US region and I put in a US region game.


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