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Thread: Advice needed, new drivekey installed. Black screen error.

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    Advice needed, new drivekey installed. Black screen error.

    I just installed a new drivekey and am getting the "eject disc and restart wii" error.

    The chip came in a small box, with the tri-driver, and no packing materials... so my immediate thought was that the driver was smacking into the chip through-out the package's trip and wasn't going to work... and sure enough, I'm having issues.

    I felt comfortable installing the chip (I do this type of stuff often). The Wii is about 6 months old. Upgraded to 4.2.......

    Dip switch setting set for US. I can get into the config menu, but cannot cycle through menu options or anything for that matter. Only hard reset. Actual games work fine, but any copies give me the black screen error. I've tried 3 different NTSC backups, 2 different dvd burners and the following media; Sony DVD-R, Verbatim DVD+R, Plextor DVD-R. Burned using IMGBurn & Nero at 4x and 2.4x.

    Do I have a bad chip, or are my backups the issue?

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