Homebrew coder DedDinO_94 has released a new version of Media Player Engine, a simple media player for the PlayStation Portable, written in Lua. The app currently supports MP3, AA3 and OGG format, and features a graphical interface similar to Windows Media Player.

  • Added USB menu
  • Improved File Browser
  • Now the Root File Browser is: ms0: / MUSIC / (If by any chance there will be used Root)
  • Much improved loading menu
  • Now uses a single file for settings
  • Now the HB has only one Script
  • Now if the folder is not found in HB directory: ms0: / PSP / GAME / HB will return an error message.
  • Code optimized

  • L / R scrolling menus
  • Up / Down Scroll through the files in the File Browser
  • Left / Right skim file in File Browser
  • START Update the list of files in Section Player

  • X: Pause / Play
  • Square: Mute ON / OFF Mute
  • / \: Enable / Disable Sleep Mode
  • O: Stop Player
  • L: Previous Song
  • A: Next Song
  • Start: Enable the following modes: Normal, Repeat, Random
  • Select: Turn off screen
  • Hold: Turn off screen and locks the keys
source - qj.net via psp-ita