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Thread: WiiMC linked to Windows Home Server.

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    Wink WiiMC linked to Windows Home Server.

    I like to know if any body knows if there is away on setting WiiMC up with a Windows Home Server?
    I have got Music and Videos on the Sever what i love to play on my Wii.

    In the smb settings i have put in the server IP and my user name and password but i do not know what to put for share name.

    On my hacked xbox it's liked to the server with: smb://server/music

    So i had a go using that link but it did not work.

    If any body as done this and know why it's not working for me.. Feel free to say.

    This program ROCKS!!!
    Wii Power.

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    After putting in your IP, the share name is the name of your folder


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