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Thread: WiiKey SD Adapter

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    WiiKey SD Adapter

    I have a D3-2 drive and can't run any GC backups . Will this help ? They say it runs them from SD

    The wiikey sd adapter allows for a sd memory card to be used to dump your game iso's so you can backup games. It is also able to be used as a memory card when saving gc games (avaliable for compatable games only). To use the backup feature the wiikey setup disk avaliable here and a wiikey modchip is required.
    Do i really need Wiikey modchip to use this ?
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    no, it wont help you.

    Only way is to buy a wode or sundriver. Or swap the DVD drive for a NON D3-2 one.

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    I wasn't thinking of Wiikey Fusion because i had no idea of it's (upcoming) existence )
    Just saw this cheap adapter and i thought i might play Soul Calibur 2 with it . Guess i have to wait some more . But what exactly can you do with this on a Wii ?


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