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Thread: can't get acekard to work

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    can't get acekard to work

    I just got my acekard for my ds. Im using a micro sd card that came with my blackberry phone. I think it may be the problem, but i can't see why it would. I couldn't get the usb card reader to work. So i had to use my phone to load the data, then i stuck it in the ds, and nothing. Says no ds card inserted. What should i do? Its a sandisk 8 gb. It looks just like the ones they were selling on the website. Its formatted to fat32

    I did the test for taking the game out when on the chat screen, and i get a magenta screen.

    i ordered the acekard from Electro-Deal
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    what exactly is on the sd card?

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    just the _ak2 folder and the akmenu4.nds file and a games folder with games

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    There also is a forum site Dedicated to DSI/DS

    DS / DSI / DSI XL Hacks - DS/DSI Hacks and Homebrew Community

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    registered, thanks
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