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Thread: DJKrafty's Guide to setting up and using Newsservers

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    DJKrafty's Guide to setting up and using Newsservers

    This is a guide I put together for people who want to know more about news servers. I put this together to explain how to use news readers to download files. There are many different ways to use a newsreader program, this is the cut and dry basic steps on how to get started downloading. For more advanced features, you'll just have to start playing around and researching more.

    Things you will need for use with this tutorial:

    Quickpar, a program that creates recovery information for a file or group of files. If such information is available and some files are damaged or missing, QuickPar may be able to reconstruct the originals from the PAR volumes. It is often used to recover damaged or missing files that have been downloaded through Usenet

    A newsreader like NewsLeecher (my personal fave) Grabit, or Newzbot.
    There are many more out there, these are just some of the more well known programs.

    A news server, there are plenty of free ones out there, but usually the best ones are pay sites. I pay 15 bucks a month and it is well worth it. I have unlimited DL speed and size. Some servers do have limits. I.E. Giganews has a 10GB trial account, a 2GB/mo Bronze account, a 25GB/mo Silver account, and the rest are unlimited.

    A search site to look for the files I.E. You can make NZBs with this site and there are others that you can use.

    Helpful tips: There is a really good site that you can sign up with for a free account that shows the newest files posted to news servers is I've been using it for years and they are a great site, very reliable. They are getting really good with attaching .nfo files in the posts that way you have a reference for what the file should look like.

    On to the Tutorial!

    Setting up and using news services and a newsreader.
    **Not for the technically impaired**

    1. Find the news service that best suits you, there are free news servers out there
    ( lists quite a few, you can Google ďfree news serversĒ and find more if you donít like that one. There are also pay servers that you can use if you get comfortable enough with using newsgroups and want to move up to something big and better, since most free servers donít offer too long of a file retention.

    2. Once you have selected your news service, you will have to find a good newsreader. Grabit, NewsLeecher, and Newzbot are a few commonly used programs. These programs will use port 119 so if you are behind a secured firewall or router, you will have to open that port. If you decide to use an SSL connection from a pay server you will need to open either port 443 or 563 depending on what the server uses.

    3. You will then have to set up a server in the program. (We will use Grabit as an example)
    a) You will start by going over to your server list and right-clicking on the Default Server.

    b) Youíll go to server properties

    c.) Youíll enter in your server address, (example: Once you have all your information entered in, address, user name, password. You will be ready to get some NZBs.

    4. Once you have the server set up you will want to use a site to search for the files you will want to download. is a really excellent site. Some news server providers have built in search functions on their site, as do the programs like Grabit, NewsLeecher, and Newzbot.

    5. You will have to create an NZB of the files that you want. All this is is a single file that contains the news server information for all of the files you are downloading. (I.E. what group theyíre in, the size, who has posted them, how many files there are, etc)

    6. Once you have the NZB saved to your hard drive, or opened, however you want to do it, it will open with the newsreader. Most programs now will automatically associate with NZB files in your system.

    7. After the files are done downloading,(which will depend entirely on your connection speed) you will want to run Quickpar and verify that the download is complete. Usually for most downloads they have a par2 file and then archives that look like vol0000+0001.par

    8. If your download is complete you can extract the file and you will be good to go, if you have to repair the file, Quickpar has a repair option if you have enough blocks to repair it.

    One thing to check for is the integrity of the files, on Binsearch it will show x parts available out of x parts. I.E. parts available 21/21 size: x.xxMB 6 par2 files 6 rar files.

    There are different file retentions for different servers. The service I use, Usenetservers, has a 104 day file retention, which means, the files will be available on the news server for no longer than 104 days. I pay 15 bucks a month and itís great. Most servers have a limit to the number of threads you can be downloading from, I use 10 and could use 20 if I wanted, but I donít need it for my speed. The number of threads you use corresponds to the lines of data you are downloading simultaneously. They donít really matter if you have a limited speed. Some servers only allow a certain number, so for whatever service you check; youíll have to research that with the provider. Iíve tried more than ten before I was only allotted that many and my network couldnít take it.

    And there you have it, my guide to using news servers. They're not hard, it's just finding the files, which shouldn't be too hard if you have a decent server. I've been using them for years with no problems and I don't see ever stopping using them.

    Hope you all enjoyed and learned a thing'er to!
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    Your time and effort to create this guide are very much appreciated, thanks.

    I would recommend that if you really want test Newsservers to compare against using torrent sites then don't use the free newsserver but instead use a free trial offered by pay services and the one I would recommend is Hitnews ((LINK) who give a 3-day trial and all you do enter you email and they will send you a user id and password the you would use in the News Reader. By doing this, it will give you a good point of comparison.

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    that is one seriously thought out thread. thanks so much. i have only briefly scanned it so far as i dont have the time to try it out, but really so comprehensive i bet no-one has any more questions about how it works!

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    should this be stickied? cuz this is about to fall far off into the pages of no return

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    thanks. I just switched my ISP in order to get newsgroups.

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    no problem. You always want the good internet. That's why I download at 1.6MB/sec averages
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    So... What's the Wii got to do with this?
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    This is for the people that are new that have no idea how to get games. This guide came from a discussion in the lounge on how people download games.
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    I found a link to get astraweb for $11 /month unlimited. I signed up and been using this since last week. I got a ton of games in no time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trE View Post
    I found a link to get astraweb for $11 /month unlimited. I signed up and been using this since last week. I got a ton of games in no time.
    that's what I'm talkin' about!
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