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Thread: Wii Save Game Extractor Help (Without Modding my Wii)

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    Cool Wii Save Game Extractor Help (Without Modding my Wii)

    Hi All

    My goal is to back up a few of my save games on my wii that will not (by default) copy to a SD card (like SSBB, Mario Kart, and most importantly, Animal Crossing City Folk.

    I have my Wii in a virgin state and do not want to mod it, is there a bootable image I could use off a SD card that would allow me to back up my save games and later import them without changing any of the system files on my wii or installing home-brew channel?

    (Something similar to the Fatal Frame 4 translation patch, where it boots off the SD card, patches the game and runs. Then later upon restart of the system it goes back to normal)

    Thank you everyone!!

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    Something like that should be able to run using the Homebrew channel. There is very little risk in bricking your wii if you install it. You could then uninstall it if you wanted.

    Homebrew (Hackmii) Here. Place this on the root of your SD card and go into channels from the wii seting and select the SD card or just click the SD card icon at the bottom of the screen. Follow the steps to install Homebrew. If you need more help with this any of the hacking guides will cover this.

    Savegame_Manager Here. Create a folder on you SD card called apps. Unpack this and place it in the apps folder. Go into the newly created Homebrew channel and run it. When you a done you can follow the same steps that you used to install homebrew but this time select uninstall.

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