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Thread: Deleting an account, possibly restoring another

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    Deleting an account, possibly restoring another

    I was banned once for having a sn with a curse word in it, cool. I registered again under a different name and email address. I was banned again.

    The problem here is that there is no way to delete the former account, and so I was penalized for something I could not help and did not do intentionally for whatever duplicate accounts are made for.

    My first banned account was "AssclownBob," and the second "Khruezer" which was misspelled by whoever hastily banned me.

    If possible I'd like to keep my last account made, or it can be deleted too, w/e. Deleting it would probably be best so as not to go through any more of these seemingly insidious bans. On a similar vein, a little more communication on some of the mod's part wouldn't hurt either.

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    Excerpt from Forum Rules:

    4. Members are allowed one and only one account. Members are responsible for any and all actions made under the account. After site registration, members are expected to post and engage in a constructive manner as a means of becoming a member in good standing.
    5. Routine searches are conducted for multiple accounts or an IP address with multiple registrations.
    6. A permanent ban means just that; it is permanent and the former member is not to open another account. Detection of an effort to bypass the rules will result in immediate, permanent ban of the member and the IP address.

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    Hello again nightstah, first a warning, immediately after a ban, and now copy/pasting forum rules on my thread. I believe there was a rule against stalking too.

    When I created my second account I made it known in one of gen3sf threads, one where he banned me (I believe) for my "AssclownBob" username. When he read my response he says "Welcome back." So I figured I was in the clear.

    As I said before, I made the second account with no ulterior motives only to be able to post on this forum. I don't see why I cannot be allowed back in for a simple mistake such as that.

    And not to mention that the first ban was barely after my first post on the forum. For a first time member I think the penalties are far too harsh and unjust.

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    I have PM'd Gen3SF on this, more than happy to let her decide the issue/matter.

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    After speaking with Gen3SF on the matter, the banning for this single account (Khruezer) has been lifted. Please be aware the previous 10 day warning issue is still in effect. I thank you for bringing it to my attention that Gen3SF had previously been aware of the other bans (we don't accept names like that here). I will attempt to PM you, but again the status of your account has been restored.

    Also, this thread here has been reopened if there are any access issues in getting back into your account.

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    No issues, aside from possible long-term emotional ones

    If you would be so kind, give my thanks to gen3sf.

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    I will pass it along --- enjoy your self here, just make sure to search first (any issues I extend a courtesy PM exemption for you --- PM me if needed; just realize time-permitting re: responses, and don't abuse it --- fair?).

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    And it doesn't get much better than that, except for maybe a virtual hug lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by nightstah View Post
    (any issues I extend a courtesy PM exemption for you --- PM me if needed; just realize time-permitting re: responses, and don't abuse it --- fair?).
    Isn't that sweet? LOL.

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    Well, Junk, yeah --- fair's fair and all that (wiihacks staff communication fail and all

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