Ok, I've got a little problem here. I've got a Duo 3 Ultra in a V9 PS2, and have recently installed FMCB.
The Duo 3 in and of itself is a bit quirky. It boots about 95% of the time, so long as I insert the disc and reset the console. Cheap modchip, whatever.

I've installed FMCB, and am having an interesting side effect. If I leave the chip enabled and load the PS2 with a DVD Video inserted into the drive, it will detect it as a PS2 DVD, and if I attempt to load it, the console resets.

This little quirk also manifests itself intermittently when I load the DVD video *after* the menu has loaded.

If I either remove FMCB from the equation OR disable the modchip, the problem goes away. It's a bit irritating, as I'd like to just be able to put whichever disc in that I like, and watch or play it. I'd just remove FMCB permanently, but it seems to introduce a boot delay that increases the booting of unpatched backups to %100, I'm using HDLoader for pretty much all of my DVD games, and I'd like to continue experimenting with OpenLoader. I don't know if this additional delay is causing this quirk, or if there is some code in FMCB that is affecting it. Deleting the ESR paths in the configurator seemed to help a bit, bit that could just be coincidental.

I was wondering if there was a DVD player elf that I could install as an app and select manually from the OSDSYS menu, so that I could play regular DVD videos without having to unplug the memory card or disable the modchip.

Any advice/insight would be appreciated.

If you need help modding your PS2, PM me and I'll start a thread. Be a good excuse to write a guide or two.