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Thread: need help on WIIMC SMB shares

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    need help on WIIMC SMB shares

    so pretty recently the homebrew application WIIMC came out. its pretty nice and I'd like to know how to set up SMB shares on it and on my computer. but when i open the the settings.xml file(which is where i infer the smb settings will be) its too complicated for me. I'm also a big noob when it comes to SMB shares so i may need a little help setting up those on my computer. if anyone can help me please do!! thanks in advance!

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    SMB shares are just shared folders or drives over a network. In Windows XP, right click on the folder to share and click on "Sharing and Security", create a name for the share and you should be all set. I'm on Linux right now, I'll fire up VirtualBox and let you know if I missed anything.

    There's a nice guide for it here. It's for setting up an XBox share, but it's the same thing. Hope this helps.
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    ok I'll try that forum. also I'm on Vista right now.

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    Actually, vista is similar. When you right click on a folder, you just have a "Share" option. If you select that it presents you with a list of people to share with. I'm not familiar with WiiMC, so I'm not sure if it wants to have a user account on the PC, or if it simply searches for available SMB shares over the network, which is probably where settings.xml comes in. If you are having trouble, just go with "share with everybody" and see if that works. Don't leave it like that though, it's not secure especially over wireless. Once you select the user(s) to share with, Vista will do it's thing and you should have a shared folder.

    FYI: SMB stands for "Server Message Block", the name of the standard protocol used by the Microsoft Windows network file system. Folders shared between two Windows PCs are technically SMB shares too.
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    ok I'll try that also. I'm not near my wii right now but i will be later tonight.

    EDIT: ok I've figured out how to make a folder sharable and i have the network path. now i just need to input it into WIIMC and see if it works. thanks for your guys help!
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