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Thread: Secret save files, changing save file region, homebrew... All in normal english.

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    Secret save files, changing save file region, homebrew... All in normal english.

    Okay I'm attemping to figure out how to convert my future PAL monster hunter save files to NTSC format.
    I've read a whole bunch of guides, but they are all so full of jargon and skip so many steps that someone who has never done this before, or knows nothing about how to do this kind of thing, finds it impossible to use.
    I'm going to post up my progress in regular ENGLISH. Not rediculous cyber nonsense.

    So far this is where I have gotten up to...
    davepm's guide and various other people who may or may not have copied the post tell me that I need 'Savegame Manager' and a 'Hex editor'.
    I download both of these programs.
    Hex editor installs fine.
    'Savegame Manager' saves onto my computer as a zipped folder and I extract all the files from it.
    Nothing really happens. I can't seem to be able to use it.
    Then I realise, perhaps I have to put this onto an SD card and run it through the Wii?
    So I google search this...

    "Run the application and select the save you would like to copy to or from your Wii.
    Note: This app requires

    Not knowing what a 'cIOS 249' actually is, I follow the link to read up about it.

    "This program will download IOS36 from the Nintendo update servers, patch it, and install it as IOS249--making a completely functional "clone" of Waninkoko's cIOS. This process does not involve any system-critical parts of the system, and should be completely safe."

    Hmm, that really answered my question. It may as well have been written in ancient Hewbrew.
    Okay, so I download this file anyway onto my desktop. It's another zipped jobby.
    I unzipp and the same thing happens as with the 'Savegame Manager'.

    This 'DOL' file keeps popping up in the file names of both of those things and on various guides, so I decide to do a bit of research on it...
    OKAY so apparently now 'DOL' files are what I need to run on the Wii,
    but... after the 'twilight hack'?
    Now i've read about the 'twilight hack' and apparently it was to install 'homebrew' some sort of wii hacking channel. Problem is, this method no longer works, thanks to the latest wii updates...

    "I found that my Wii took the .dol file and not the .elf file. It's just easier to put both files in the folder and let the system choose itself. You will need to have the Homebrew Channel installed."

    Okay, so now i definitly do need homebrew now...?
    Surely, I'm thinking, can't I just take the savefile and use a program on my computer to convert it from the SD card?
    Time to google more about this 'Hex editor'.

    "By using a hex editor, a user can see or edit the raw and exact contents of a file as opposed to the interpretation of the same content that other, higher level
    application software may associate with the file format. For example, this could be raw image data, in contrast to the way image editing software would interpret the same file."

    okay that sounds good to me. Plenty of possiblilties for file conversion there surely?
    After a little more search I realise that the 'Savegame Manager' is used to extract the save files from your wii if you CAN'T normally extract them, and that is why homebrew is needed.
    It can extract and install your save game files to and from your wii, after you've tinkered around with them on 'Hex editor'.
    Now the next thing I find out is that I need to have both 'PAL' and 'NTSC' save files for this to work.
    That might mean I'll have to wait until I'm in Canada to convert my monster hunter data.
    Not good.

    Looking back at the other guides they say...

    "In the root of your SD card you will find the "savegames" folder with two more folders in it. The one that ends with "45" is NTSC-U and the one that ends with "50" is your PAL save."

    Now i'm not 100% sure what a root is.
    I thought they were like, part of trees and things... so i google.
    "It's simply the first area you see when opening up the card in Windows Explorer, the highest level you can get. For instance, the root of my card is represented by F:\ though your letter may differ. For running SNEmulDS, I put the games in an SNES folder on the root of my card, so a path might be F:\SNES\SuperMarioWorld.smc for example."

    Another cyber talking d*** head. Lovely.
    Lets try again...

    "The "root" directory is the "main" directory. When you first open up your card you are in the "root" directory. You will see all the files you have placed in it. That is where you would place anything that requires being in the "root" directory. If you place a file inside one of the files already on your card then you are no longer in the "root" directory."

    MUCH better. Thank you.
    Okay so the game save files folder should be...

    On the first page of the SD card?

    Woo progress.
    Okay so now I have a means of knowing which is PAL and which is NTSC and where exactly to find them. This is helpful.
    Now is how to actually convert them...

    "Open the PAL folder (00010000534d4e50) and open "wiimj2d.sav" with your hex editor."

    okay i understand whats being asked of me there.

    "The very first thing you should see on the text side is "SMNP". Change the "P" to "E" (yes it is case sensitive) and save."

    Sounds simple enough...

    "Copy the edited "wiimj2d.sav" to your NTSC-U folder (00010000534d4e45), and delete the PAL folder"

    Hmm now I see why we needed both the PAL and NTSC files.
    That clears that up.

    "Now insert the SD card back into your Wii and launch Savegame Manager."

    Thank god all the code fiddiling is over with!

    Now I will just have to INSTALL the newly edited save files, instead of extract.

    Now hopefully, you too will understand a little more about what the hell these people are going on about.

    Next I'm going to look into getting the 'homebrew' thing to work, and make sure it won't fluff up my wii or stop me playing online etc.
    Peace out!

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