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Thread: Remotes not working after bootmii install

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    Exclamation Remotes not working after bootmii install

    Hi everyone,

    Have a "bit" of a problem that I was hoping someone could shed some light on.

    Installed bootmii as an ios on a friends wii(ver4.2) successfully. Went back a few weeks later after buying a controller to finish installing apps.

    After going to launch bootmii, the screen went black and nothing happened. Now this is where I stuffed everything up.

    I reset the system and tried reinstalling bootmii without uninstalling the old one. It seemed to install fine, but after rebooting the system, the remotes and controllers don't work. No cursor on screen. Nothing. So we just get the main menu screen with no way to interact with it.

    If I turn on the remote, the lights at the bottom flash, then go out. New wired controller that was working before now also won't work.

    I don't have a wii myself, and was attempting to fix this for a friends 10 year old son, now am worried I have ruined it!

    I did research all the hacking guides for a week before attempting, but just stuffed up.

    Any help would be beyond appreciated.

    Thank you!

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    What guide did you follow? Was you friend's Wii a relatively new Wii (less than two years old)? I'm assuming the first time it didn't offer Boot2 install of BootMii. What do you mean by wired controller --- GC controller to control the NAND backup, etc? Did you install Priiloader? If so, you should be able to use the GC controller --- turn it on and immediately hold down the reset button on the console to gain access. It sounds like it works, just that the controller(s) are non-responsive; is this correct?

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    was just think about this post i myself had to buy a gamecube controller
    try this it may work it may not but i think it will

    put bootmii back on your SD card
    put SD card back in wii
    load up wii
    when you get to the bootmii page press restart this will take you to the start of the wii load up wait till the screen times out and takes you to the channel page.
    now try re-sinc your wiimotes

    i could be wrong but worth a try and save you money on gamecube controllers
    if i helped you out just click the thanks button

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    Hi nightstah,

    I followed the full 4.2 hacking guide on this site, but that was unfortunately after I had already installed hbc, dvdx and bootmii, which I had bought from (scammed). Yes, you are right, the console is relatively new and did not offer boot 2 as an instal option.

    The wired controller was a 3rd party Gamecube/Wii controller that I bought for the purposes of a NAND backup, which I was going to do despite intalling Bootmii as an ios.

    Haven't installed priiloader but will try the reset suggestion anyway and let you know how it goes.

    john28200, I will try your suggestion as well and see how it goes.

    Thanks for the advice guys.

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