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Thread: harddrives size etc

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    harddrives size etc

    hi folks,

    Am seriously thinking off getting a harddrive for the wii as seen wiiflow video and it looks truely amazing setup.

    Heres the question

    What size hard drive do you recommend???

    How many games will i get on there???

    And is it easy to setup???

    thanks again

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    I would say 1TB. It's big, but you could always partition part of it and use it for data storage if you need it. This would be more appropriate in the general hack issues section, but it seems like section titles could be a little confusing for people new to the forum.

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    oh right i have got a 1tb wd10eaves that i use for my pc would this be okay and you say i could do this partion and still use it for everyday stuff is there a tut on here to say how to do this and where can i get a decent usbloader files from

    and yes i have searched lol

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    Click the usb link in my sig for a guide on usb loading. Make sure you r hdd is compatable, and you can determine how much you want to partion.

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    Use EAESUS partition master to partition your drive,make sure to back up your files
    and read this first I couldn't be a**ed to type it out for you ,google,youtube are very helpful in showing everything you need to know


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