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Thread: Create Channels for Your Wii Games (Alt.dol games Included)

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    Create Channels for Your Wii Games (Alt.dol games Included)

    We want to thank our former Staff Members for making this Guide

    How To Play USB Games From The Wii Menu

    This guide will show you how to play Wii backups stored on a USB device OR SD Card, right from the Wii menu. This is Very Useful for kids or for games that you play often. I have noticed a few people asking how to create channels for ALT.dol games so I have included all the necessary steps in the guide. Very Simple!

    WBFS Drives
    [SPOILER="WBFS Drives --Forwarder Channels"]Download -- Loadstructor-1.7+cLoader-1.6.rar Extract with WinRAR --(See Screen Shot)

    -- WiiScrubber -- Extract with WinRAR

    You need to create the "common-key.bin" file and copy it to the Loadstructor folder.

    You can make one easily using "MakeKeyBin.exe" contained within the WiiScrubber Folder.

    LoadStructor Folder Screen Shot

    Creating The Forwarder Wad With Loadstructor

    *You Will Need a WBFS Partition for this to work* See Below for FAT/NTFS Drives*

    1. Connect your Drive to your PC and open Loadstructor. Select the button "Add From WBFS", A window will pop up, select the letter of your WBFS drive and click "LOAD".

    Your games should now show as a list. For this Guide I will use Red Steel (First One) as an example of how to make a forwarder channel for an alt.dol game. For a list of Alt.dol games see the end of this post.

    2. Choose the game you want to make a forwarder for and select "Add ISO".

    The first window will return and should list the game you picked under "ISO files List"

    3. At the bottom of the window you will see "Output Folder". This is where your wads will be saved. Change the path if you want.

    Note: If your game does NOT use an alt.dol then SKIP Step 4 and move to Step 5.

    4. You will see a check box that says "Alternate.DOL". Make sure that box is checked or this will not work. (You don't need to change any of the other options)

    5. Click RUN! Wait for it to do its thing and you can exit when it has finished.

    6. Navigate to the "output folder" that you selected earlier, and copy the .wad file to the "WADS" folder on your SD card.

    Extracting the alt.dol with WiiScrubber

    Note: If your game does NOT use an alt.dol then move ahead to "Installing The WAD"

    Now that our wad file is made we need to extract the alt.dol from our ISO. You will need a copy of the ISO on your computer for this part.

    Download WiiScrubber If you haven't yet.

    7. Open WiiScrubber and select "Load ISO". Open the ISO you are making the channel for. (Red Steel In my case).

    8. Expand the partition (+/- buttons) and look for the alt.dol your game uses (I'm looking for red steel.dol). To find out what alt.dol you need to extract see below, if your game is not listed below please let me know.

    9. When you find it, Right Click and select extract. Select the folder you want, and save it.

    Exit WiiScrubber.

    10. Navigate to the alt.dol you extracted and rename it to the first 4 letters of your game ID. Mine will be renamed REDE.dol, because the game ID is REDE41.

    You MUST Create a folder on the root of your SD card called "usb-loader". Then Move the renamed .dol file to that folder.(This is where the channel will look for the alt.dol so it NEEDS to be there or it won't work).

    Installing the WAD

    *Before installing any Wad you should have Priiloader installed*

    Put your SD card in your Wii and open The Homebrew Channel

    Load Wad Manager and select IOS249 to install.

    Navigate to your wad file and Press A to Install.

    -- Exit wad manager and the HBC. When you return to the wii menu you should see a channel for your game. Make sure your Drive and SD card are plugged in before trying to use the channel.

    I recommend backing up ANY wad you install on your PC for easy uninstall later on.

    You should now have a working Forwarder channel for your alt.dol game on your Wii Menu!

    **If your channel didn't work, try the Alternate Pack - - Follow the same Steps - Also See the EXTRA Section Below.

    Alt.dol Games List

    FIFA 08
    Use main.dol

    Indiana Jones And The Staff Of Kings
    Use fateatlantis.dol

    Medal Of Honor: Heroes 2
    Use Game.dol

    Metal Slug Anthology
    To launch Game 6 Use ms6.dol.

    Mortal Kombat Armageddon
    Use MK7.dol

    Madden NFL 07
    Use madden.dol

    Madden NFL 08
    Use maddens.dol

    Red Steel
    Use Red Steel.dol

    SSX Blur
    Use ssx.dol

    The House Of The Dead 2
    Use hod2.dol

    Use ssx.dol

    NOTE: Wii Motion Plus Games only require an Alt.dol for watching the Motion Plus Video. That is why these games aren't included in the ALT.dol list. Channels for these games can be made WITHOUT using the ALT.dol method. (After watching the WMP Video) An Example of these games -- Red Steel2 and Wii Sports Resort.

    - - - - -


    If you use these options -- Do them AFTER Step 4 And BEFORE STEP 5.

    For SD card Loading (Vs USB)
    -- Change the "Boot From" Option in the Drop Down Menu, to "SD"

    Out Of Region Games -- Change the "Video Mode" Option

    Changing Language -- Change the "Language" Option

    Changing the cIOS -- If the game uses 222 or 223 use the "cIOS" Drop down menu.

    - - - - -

    Some games Require Certain Settings or Fixes -- Please See the Problem Games Thread

    Problematic Games & Solutions

    FAT32 & NTFS Drives

    [SPOILER="FAT32 & NTFS Drives -- Forwarder Channels"]
    How To Create Game Forwarders for FAT32 & NTFS Hard Drives

    Download CrapV3.3b.rar

    1. Connect your Drive to your PC and Open "Crap" -- Read The Warning and click OK

    2. You will see "ISO/WBFS File" -- Click the "..." button and select your drive and .WBFS or .ISO File.

    • If using a .WBFS File make sure to select the "WBFS Files" option in the drop down box. The default setting is "ISO files".

    3. When Selecting the Loader you have several choices.

    ---If you use a forwarder channel for USB Loader GX or Configurable USB Loader then use OPTION 1.
    ---If not then use OPTION 2.

    Option 1
    -- Using An existing Forwarder (GX or CFG)

    Loader Drop Down Menu

    GX Forwarder Users
    -- Select "USB Loader GX Forwarder" -- Click "Create Channel"

    Done -- Go to "Installing The WAD"

    - - - - -

    Loader Drop Down Menu

    Configurable Forwarder
    Users -- Select "Configurable Forwarder" Or " Configurable Forwarder(no intro)"

    Game Partiton :
    Select "FAT1" -- Click "Create Channel"

    Done -- go to "Installing The WAD"

    Option 2 -- Use "Conf. Loader Direct FAT"

    Loader Drop Down Menu

    Choose "Conf. Usb Loader Direct FAT"

    Select "Create Channel" -- Done

    Installing The Wad

    The Wads are saved in the "wad" folder within the "Crap3.3b" directory.

    Copy the .wad file to the wad folder on your SD Card Root.

    *Before installing any Wad you should have Priiloader installed*

    Start HBC and load Wad Manager

    Select IOS249 -- Nand Emulation <disabled> -- Source <SD Slot>

    Select the Wad you made and Press A -- Press A again to Install

    Exit Wad Manager and HBC -- You should now see Your Game Channel on the Wii Menu

    **If your channel didn't work ask for help**

    **Thanks to Cile for reminding me that "Crap" could do this**

    I tested Option 1 -- Configurable Forwarder -- And Option 2.

    Option 1 GX Forwarder -- Tested and confirmed working. Thanks Cile!

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    Question madden nfl 08 freezes after loading alternative dol when run as wii channel

    I bought madden nfl 08 from the largest auction store of the internet. I was able to run it from my usb hdd via usb loader gx (usb loader gx running from wii channel or homebrew channel) with the following game load setting:
    1) alternative dol = maddens.dol
    2) 002 fix = yes (NOT anti-002 fix).

    When i tried to create a wii channel for it (with alternative dol checked), it freezes when i run it. I tried it with both check and unchecked anti-002 fix and it freezes with both. It freezes after loading the alternative dol (sd-card:\usb-loader\RNFE.dol). The indicator light on the wii remote is steady on the first light unlike when I used to have problems when running/loading it from usb loader gx which causes the 4 lights to keep blinking when it froze.

    I also applied iospatcher (it has the same version of ios21). it still freeze(none of the buttons on the unit or remote function.

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    Try THIS Pack instead. You can follow the same instructions to make the channel.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    Okay, the guide has been updated with more info added. If anyone has any issues please let me know, tested this myself and it works with the 2 alt.dol games I own. (Tested when written... and after update)

    I have also tested the 222 and 223 options to run certain games. (cIOS drop down menu)
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    How big would the WAD file be?? lol

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    500kb - 2mb why?
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    FAT32 and NTFS Section Added

    *How To Create Game Forwarders for FAT32 & NTFS Hard Drives*

    Damn I suck!!!!

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    I have been trying to create my channels after switching from wbfs for like 2 hrs. LOL. I forgot you guys were putting this guide together until nightstah pointed me here. Thanks guys.
    4.2U / Priiloader / CiosX d2x v6/1TB WD fat32/Wiiflow r415
    Softmod any 4.2 Wii

    Playing Games from USB

    NSMB level editor (Reggie)


    Problematic Games?

    Custom Game Channels

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    thatfloorguy -- Which option did you use for the FAT forwarders, just wondering if you happened to test the GX forwarder option?
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    CFG forwrder. I eliminated GX when I went to fat32. I can't get my .wbfs to load though, had to use an iso file. Now i have to convert the games I want SMG, SMG2, MK and NSMB2 back to iso for them to load, LOL. I just converted them to.wbfs, and deleted the iso from my pc earlier today.
    4.2U / Priiloader / CiosX d2x v6/1TB WD fat32/Wiiflow r415
    Softmod any 4.2 Wii

    Playing Games from USB

    NSMB level editor (Reggie)


    Problematic Games?

    Custom Game Channels

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