Modern Warfare 2 for Wii - leaked by Gamestop?

Gamestop. You know Gamestop, right? The massive, American-based game shop? Well, they're about to become your best friend. They recently sent round a newsletter to all their U.S. based fans, and one receiver noticed something very odd about the choice of Wii games.

There's 'The Beatles: Rock Band', a title that's been out on the Wii for some time, and above that... 'Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2'. For Wii. Which is impossible, as the game hasn't been announced for the Wii, and with Infinity Ward pretty much closed, won't be developed any time soon (unless by another developer).

So, we're left with three options. Gamestop meant to use the box art for Call Of Duty 4 for Wii, pulled off a a similar picture on the internet, without realising it was a fan-made dupe, and hastily stuck it in the e-mail. The second option is that, for whatever reason, a Gamestop employee spent time and effort photoshopping the Modern Warfare 2 art onto a Wii box. The third, much more enticing option, is that Modern Warfare 2 is coming to the Wii.
We'll just have to wait and see what happens with this.

SystemLink, The Gaming Feed: Modern Warfare 2 for Wii - leaked by Gamestop?