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Thread: updating and bricking...

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    updating and bricking...

    i've got Wasabi V3 i think and i'm on wii official firmware 3.2. The wasabi modchip is updated to the latest 3.0 version. Is it safe to update my wii through the internet? as in is there any chance of bricking it? All my backed-up games are PAL versions and my wii is also PAL version, so how safe is it guys?

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    If you update to 4.2 which is the latest you will lose your region free. It is not recomended to update. You can safely go to 4.1 if you wish using the guide by dogeggs called safe update to 4.1 with homebrew still working. If you have not softmodded yet I would consider it. It gives you a lot more options and wiggle room especially when used with a chip.

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    what do you mean by extra wiggle room? atm i only use my wii to play wii games and all my iso's are PAL versions. what additional features do homebrew offer

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    Well, one additional feature is brick-proofing your wii by making a backup of the nand (the wii's internal hd) using bootmii. Other than that there are too many features to list here. At a minimum I would suggest bootmii as boot2 if possible, and the homebrew channel to run tools and utilities in case you run into problems. Other features of certain homebrew apps are discussed all over The guides in the Recommended faq's guides and tutorials section are truly trustworthy and well tested. I can tell you that I have the same chip you do v3 wasabi, but have softmodded using the guides here and I'm currently on system menu 4.2u. This place can help you do things you never thought possible with a wii, and since I don't play out of region games anyway my wii is set up exactly how I want it. Best of luck with the guides if you choose to softmod. Be careful and follow instructions making sure you understand all the terminology, and I'm sure you'll be happy with the results.
    If you don't choose to softmod and were to online update to 4.2e, then you shouldn't brick unless there's a power outage or some other catastrophe that doesn't let it complete properly, but like junkmail said you will lose region-free capabilities of the wasabi.
    See this post for details on system menu updates and what they do to both hardmodded and softmodded wii's:


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