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Thread: found nothing in search, need help

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    found nothing in search, need help

    Tried to backup a few games on hd and games froze. Never loaded. Next, games just started freezing when playing. Now neogamma 7, when I go to run game from usb it doesn't launch the game, It says launch game, sits there, and then says timeout. I'm not sure what to do next

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    Try to load the same game iso from another dvd media
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    Have you ever successfully loaded games from the hard drive? Is the hard drive on the compatibility list?

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    My hard drive has worked flawlessly for the past year. It only seems to be a few games that do this. The sound will start repeating or the game freezes. Now i tried a game that has never had a problem last night and it ran. I let it sit there for an hour and when I went back to it everything was still good. This morning I let my sdon play the game that would not boot and it not only booted, but ran perfectly. I'm confused as to why it does this. One more quick question, what is everybody using to load games onto HD. I was using usb loader 1.5 and it will no longer load games. USB gx won't load anymore either. It freezes whilw copying iso. Do I need a new loader or do I need to upgrade something.

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    It really sounds like there is an issue with the harddrive. Is it shutting down when the wii is turned off and only being disconnected at that time. There could be bad sectors either at the begining that will cause a loss of data to appear and disappear the same way it happens on a drive connected to a pc. I use a pc program called hdd regenerator to check and fix issues like this.
    It could also be a drive that is not fully compatible with the wii, so it will work sometimes under certain circumstances and sometimes not.
    You can try using a flashdrive or someother usb device to test the integrety of the wii console's app installations, if the apps work well in other circumstances or with other devices to seeif it is the apps and/or the drive that is causing the issue.
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