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Thread: Monster Hunter Tri - Moving away, need to convert PAL save file to NTSC?

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    Monster Hunter Tri - Moving away, need to convert PAL save file to NTSC?

    Hey everyone!

    Totally new here, my first post and all, pretty eager to hear what you guys (and girls) have to say. I aint no clever cloggs hacker or wii genius, so I might not understand everything some of you say and ask a bunch of questions.
    But bare with me here if you possibly can ha.

    I've preordered MH3, I'm a HUGE fan of the franchise, especially the original and I've litterally been waiting like 5 years for the new one to be released since my PS2 broke and they scrapped the old online feature.

    The only problem is that I'm moving from the UK to Canada in like 3 months and I really don't want to have to start my game over again.
    I'm sure you all know how much of a life eater MH can be. It would suck.

    Now I've heard MH3 is region locked kinda thing in terms of who you can play with online,
    So I don't know if that will effect my save file or what.
    I don't know if my PAL save file will work on a Canadian wii if I buy a new wii and copy in Canada? I don't even know if I'll be able to access my save file to save it to an SD or a USB something or other.

    I'll litterally do whatever it takes to get the save file to work on a Canadian wii, with a Canadian copy of the game. OR just take my pal copy and get that and my save file to work on a Canadian wii. I'm not massively fussed.

    As long as I can play online and don't lose my file, I will be a happy hunter.

    Any suggestions?


    Would some hardware like this be able to help me?

    D2SUN universal 6 wires modchip for ALL Nintendo WII! With nero dual programmer

    Like I said, I'll try/buy anything.

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    Im in the same boat, i found out how to convert MK files and some other saves, but it's a little different it seems for MH.
    I personally need to convert a PAL mh3 save to NTSC-U. -.-

    If anyone of some knowledge could help us out, it would be apreciated

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    try this thread for help converting
    hope it helps

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    that method doesn't work for MH3 does anyone have any actual useful information??

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