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Thread: D2A, Wasabi v3. Green light. Plays Origs but not backups.

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    D2A, Wasabi v3. Green light. Plays Origs but not backups.


    Hoping someone could help me out. Just soldered in a Wasabi v3 into my buddies d2a Wii. Solder points are clean and wires are short. When you power on the Wasabi has red light for a split second then goes to solid green. Originals will work but backups error with cannot read disc or something to that sort. The backups work in my d2pro wii (3.3u). His is currently at 3.1.

    Could this be the chip or should I just start over and resolder? Any thoughts?

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    Do you have a pic of your install? Did you remember to use the correct clk point for the Wasabi because it is different from the D2pro and most of the other chips on the market.

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    I can take a picture soon if I can't figure it out. I wasn't aware that the d2a needed clk? is this true?

  4. #4 too fast. hmmm....on a gen 1 wii, it's pretty hard not to get any of the chips working on it. are your discs dvd+r or dvd-r?

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    discs are verbatim dvd+r. work fine in 2 other modded wii's. both d2pro's.

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    please make a copy of the same game on dvd-r at 4x or 6x just to eliminate the possible problem. some wiis don't read dvd+rs

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    OK DVD-R at 4x did not work (worked in the d2pro wii of course) I went ahead and resoldered everything again just to make sure but still not working. Here is a picture...

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    You got the A and B points wrong. They are the tiny solder pads with the black resistor a little above them (ie. the 2 pads right next to where you soldered).

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    me = retarded. ok so got A&B switched to the right points. still have the exact same problem. =/

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    I'm watching your pic.....The ground and voltage are crossing over one another. Try to straighten that out....cause sometimes that stops the wasabi from functioning. Also, try to neaten the soldering, i'm noticing cold soldering on the points and going to the chip....wasabis hate cold soldering, that can also prevent her from injecting the codes to the drive. But otherwise. Great Job
    Thanks everyone for the great support.
    Hope to hear from you soon, cause i'm getting ready to retire from the modding scene.
    Gonna start a new profession.

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