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Thread: wii resort wont play

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    Ca wii resort wont play

    I am new and have softmodded my 4.2u wii and am able to play games that i've mounted on a usb hdd but i can't seem to play wii resort. Anyone else have this issue and know how to make it work?

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    When you joined wiihacks, you accepted its terms and conditions and rules of the site. One of them strongly urges first-time posters to post within the Introduction Section of the site. Please make the time to do so, where you will receive a greeting and links for our popular items of interest. We strongly ask our users to search first, ask second --- the box near your upper right-hand corner of the screen. This issue is a well-known problem, as is its solution --- look here.

    Edit: please be mindful of the section/category you place your questions, thanks (generally newbie section works for new users as a starting point).
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