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Thread: MPlayer CE won't plat DVD's

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    Ca MPlayer CE won't plat DVD's

    I have all current IOS, homebrew channel, priiloader, dvdx (via hack mii) etc. installer. Everything works great, except for playing dvd movies. MPlayer CE works great for watching movie files, but if I try to load a DVD it says "mounting dvd..." but it doesn't do anything.

    Any help would be great.

    Wii ver. 4.0U

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    Did you try this method/tutorial/version/files?

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    I updated/installed all the ios' via pimp my wii. Using MPlayer CE 0.76.

    But still no go.


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    So that's a no, you didn't try that way and used an app that can give newbies all sorts of problems (not to mention a slightly older version). OK, next time I won't offer you the WIN way --- we'll stick with your FAIL way. Wiihacks tutorials = WIN.

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    First of all - I'm not a newbie.
    Second - I had already installed the IOS202 with Hermes cIOS installer.
    Third - MPlayer CE 0.77 is still in the beta stage, according to the link you provided.
    Fourth - I used pimp my wii as a quick and easy way to make sure everything was up to date.
    And last - Get a life.

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    MplayerCE 0.77 rev567 works perfect...You did install DVD X.....

    Dont use pimp my wii instead use DOP-MII much better

    and be courteous

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    Yep, DVD-X is installed.
    I just updates to MplayerCE 0.77 r572. Still won't work.


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