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Thread: Can you install/run 2 different USB loaders?

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    Can you install/run 2 different USB loaders?

    First off, I am pretty new to all this. I had someone softmod my Wii last week, and have been trying to educate myself ever since.

    When my Wii was modded, they installed USB Loader GX. After looking around, I thought that I might like to give Configurable USB Loader a try.

    Can I safely install and run a second loader? Or will this cause major issues?

    Thanks for the help and advice!

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    You can use as many loaders as you like. Perhaps you will like another better.
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    As Maufrog has stated, you can have as many as you want (limited to either NAND if channel install or SD card capacity if HBC/boot.dol method). WiiFlow, NeoGamma, USB Configurable Loader, etc. For example, Neo Gamma channel-install wad can be sourced from this thread, courtesy emuhack.

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