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Thread: Is this a way of making my Wii virgin?

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    Is this a way of making my Wii virgin?

    I Installed HBC on my PAL 4.2E wii using the guide in this site, then i installed bootmii as boot2 and made a NAND backup, i did the rest of the things in the guide (installed cios, wads, etc).
    If i restore the NAND i did after installing bootmii, uninstall bootmii from boot2 and delete HBC through the wii data management will that make my wii virgin?
    If not, what is missing to do? or is this process simply not possible?

    sorry, shoud have posted this in General Homebrew / Hacks.. not in Homebrew... sorry again
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    Why do you want to do that?
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    I donīt! I just want to have a backup plan in case my wii needs to be repaired since it is still in the warranty period (not for much longer anyway).

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    In that case it is a way of doing so.
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    oh! Thanks! Itīs simpler than i thought then!


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