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Thread: I have a prob with the soft mod thing

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    Talking I have a prob with the soft mod thing

    Hi There, I have a prob with the soft mod thing i read the topic 2 time like it sed
    And embarked on doing it to my WII I just got from cash converters for 99. Now
    I`m going back in time to when I first brought it home from cash converters.
    I got it home set it up went though the setting and noticed it Had WIFI (brill I`ll set
    that up) so it connected to the net and in a blink of an eye it sed going to update your( I sed OK)ummth
    Now its Version 4.2E. Now going back to me soft moding procedure, I got all the patching don right up to
    the part were you use the WAD-Manager_v1.4 I try to navergat to the SD card and it locks. I also tried
    WAD-Manager_v1.5 But lock at the some point. Any help Please.
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