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Thread: Zelda TP game playing issue using wii flow

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    Unhappy Zelda TP game playing issue using wii flow

    Hi There

    Firstly let me state how useful this site has been for helping a noob like myself mod and backup my games on USB hard-drive

    Im currently using wii flow as my loader, which to be honest was the only one i have tried using.. it looks great at the menu and the options for each game are handy to have with loading issues. (dol files,force ntsc pal 50 60ghz..etc.)
    It loads all 35 games i have so far on my hard drive, (red steel 2, Mario party 8..etc..) all but three of my games came from the original wii discs, i have no complaints with this loader

    Now my problem is that when i play ZeldaTP (backup from the original disc) in the first little town where u do the fishing to get the cat back home.. when i look around in certain areas of the map (area where the ape has cradle) the backgrounds change colour in a flashing motion,this also happens whenever i try to use any item (fishing rod) i cant see a damn thing...

    As u can imagine this is very annoying when trying to play..

    all help much appreciated!!!

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    hmmm, I haven't played since I modded. Im gonig to have to check this out.
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    I have and it's definitely not a normal issue. I don't think it has anything to do with wiiflow, but I suppose you can always try another usb loader to check.

    I assume your original disc doesn't exhibit this kind of behavior? Check it to be sure.

    Graphical problems like you're describing are sometimes indicative of a failing graphics chip. If this is the only game acting this way and the original disc doesn't have any problems, I doubt this is the case. And I hope that's not what's happening as I know what a disappointment it would be.

    You could also try deleting and re-ripping the game to your hard drive. I haven't seen it happen before, but maybe something got corrupted in the process.
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    thanks for your advice, it dosent happen on any other games so im thinking its not my graphics chip.... So i deleated and re-ripped it but it still happends... going to try another loader....... all let you know the outcome

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    Ok so i tried the reinstall as i said in last post and same thing happend..... tried re-rippin same thing happends.... also tried different loader.... and guess what... same thing happend!!! pls help....

    What i did work out is that when it happpends i can come off the game, back to main wii screen, then reload game and it dosent come up...(for about 20 mins) then same thing happends again....
    So now i can play the game but must reload it every 20 mins.... uuggggghhhh

    PLS HELP Anyone!!!

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    I am having the exact same issue, except i am using 4.1U w/ USB Loader GX. Anyone else having the same issue? Is there a known IOS fix?

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    Ive been searching online and it appears that there are multiple revisions for Zelda due to problems with the original game. I wonder if that is the cause... Can anybody verify this?

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    I would use dop-mii to reinstall ios9-v5xx, if that does not help try to dump the game again. Which cios version did you use to dump? Perhaps a different cios version, r17 works well for me.
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