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Thread: Problem with Wasabi Zero config disc: "ERROR please turn off your console"

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    Problem with Wasabi Zero config disc: "ERROR please turn off your console"

    I would like to config my wasabi read speed so I downloaded from Wasabi site the "Wasabi V1/V2/V3/Zero Upgrade & Config Disc v3.0" and I burned it on Verbatim DVD-R at x4.

    When I insert the disc I see the gamecube logo on the disc channel. When I start the channel I get a Wasabe screen with the error "PLEASE TURN OFF YOUR CONSOLE".

    My Wii menu is v4.0U.

    All tested games (original & backup) are working well.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    IŽll appreciate any help.

    My vendor confirms that the installed chip is a wasabi zero but I don't want to open the console to verify it because I'll lose the 6-month warranty he gave me on the chip.

    Thanks again!

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    I have never seen that error so I do not know how to help you other than to say if your vendor confirms that he installed a wasabi zero chip that is having problems, and the chip install is guaranteed by him, and you're still in a 6 mo warranty period from his shop shouldn't he be able to help you or fix it himself?
    It looks like a) he did a bad install of the chip b) the chip itself is bad c) you turned off your console or lost power during a chip flash while running the upgrade disc. Either way the shop is the way to go. He should be able to help you more so than we can.
    If "c" is what happened afaik (I don't know everything though) the only way to fix the chip is to reflash it when a new version comes out and hopefully it completely recovers. It's good that all your games are still working. If this is what happened, it's the only reason the original modder might have a leg to stand on, to not want to honor your warranty. That's the only reason I'm mentioning it. I don't mean to accuse just offering possibilities I can think of.
    If you do indeed need a new modchip because the warranty is shot for whatever reason, the wasabi zero is fairly cheap now compared to when it first came out. That being so, you already know that that chip can be installed on your drive board. So, if the original chip and warranty are now useless you could buy a new one open up the wii and leave his wiring attached to the board then solder the new chip to the old wiring. The only risk in that (if you do it carefully) is to the 2 chips. They run approx $25 US now.
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    I sent the wii to my vendor and he sent it to his importer to check the problem out. The problem was that they shipped me another Wii with a KEYDRIVE installed instead of Wasabi Zero. Now they tell me that they only have available these chips, I need help to choose. Which is the best (compatibility, easy update, etc) ?

    • SUNKEY 1.3
    • WII KEY2
    • or keep the KEYDRIVE


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    I personally would choose the Wasabi DX. However, I am biased. I love my wasabi for what I need it to do. it really comes down to what you want to do with the chipped wii. In other words you'll have to search the forum here and probably the net too as I've never even heard of some of those to be completely honest with you. As I said before I don't know everything. Here's one thread with info on a few of the one's you have listed though:
    Are you sure you don't mean Drivekey? Double check the names and check the above post it should help you choose a worthy chip. Good luck.

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    Thaks for your reply!

    I'll use it to play backuped WII games and original Gamecube games.

    Can all WASABI DX chips be converted to ZERO mode ? That convertion is by software or by jumper ? I would really like to have the x6 read spead of the ZERO chips.

    You are right, it's "DRIVEKEY", not "KEY DRIVE", my mistake.

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    Info on the Dx's zero mode is not something I know about, but either way neither the zero or the DX will lower your load times noticably anyway. I have a wasabi v3, and i have changed my read speed to 3x and have looked for a load time difference in many games and it's not any different as far as i can tell. I'm really not sure about the DX as far as that's concerned and I think you'd be better off emailing wasabi about it or searching the DX forum here @ wiihacks.
    Like I said, though the wasabi is indeed great for my needs, there may be added functionality that you may find useful regardless of what I prefer if you check that post out that I linked above, it should have the info on any chips worth looking into there. So read up and choose wisely. You don't have to take my word for it on a wasabi chip. I just want you to pick one that you're sure you want. I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help but I've never seen a DX setup in zero mode.

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    Finally I got my DX (in DX mode).

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    Alright cool that's great to hear I hope you have fun with it.
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    Thank you!

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