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Thread: Soft modded Wii using original game and instrument question

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    Soft modded Wii using original game and instrument question

    Hi Guys,

    I have modded a few Wii's using the guides from this site but none have ever required the use of instruments.
    However, a friend is interested in running most games from HDD and has a DJ game that has a record deck of some sort.

    I know it is possible to get the instruments to work but I don't like to deviate from the guide (in fear of brick)

    So, after a softmod my thinking suggests that using the original game from the disk channel will still work ?
    And I am guessing that anyone with instruments will still be able to play their original game from disk and just use the HDD for other games ?

    thanks for your help

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    Nope still doesn't work. I had to go to a friends house this week as I just did IOS 249 and 250 and his Tony Hawk and Rock Band stopped working even from retail. And If you followed the guides here you should have BootMii installed on Boot2 and then there is no fear of ever bricking your Wii. If not stop everything you are doing and install bootmii as boot2 or you will regret it someday. As this makes your Wii "brick-proof". Second install Hermes IOS as well it will add 202 222 223 and 224 to your Wii making it rock solid for SDHC and your USB instruments again while adding better compatibility for games from disc and from HDD. PM me if ya need some help.

    Wii:4.1U Bootmii, PriiLoader, cIOSX rev 19, Hermes cIOS 202/222/223/224
    System Menu: DarkWii
    WODE:2.0 FW w/ WODE Channel
    Storage:1TB HDD, 16gb & 2gb SD Card, 32gb flash drive

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    Thanks for the reply,
    I think I have the Hermes stuff installed (if it's part of the guide, I have not checked)
    I have boot2 etc installed on my system but not all others that I have done do, so don't want to risk it !
    Least I can extract the original and try on my system first

    thanks again

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    Well, you don't say what version/region, nor what guide. Generally speaking, Hermes is listed as an OPTIONAL component after an entire guide --- not as intrinsic to the guide itself. This would be IOS 222 and it's subset IOS...

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    Hi nightstah,
    I've use both 3.4 and 4.2 guides, I'm on 4.2E
    I complete the full guide with options, so I can at least check my system.



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