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Thread: Should I upgrade my Wii from 3.1u to 4.2x

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    Should I upgrade my Wii from 3.1u to 4.2x

    (a little background...)

    I haven't used my Wii in over a year because of a faulty dvd drive, its the second time the drive died and it was out of warranty and be damned if I was going to pay Nintendo upwards of a $100 to fix something that should not have failed twice.

    I decided to see if I could source some parts on eBay and fix my drive myself. Long story short I now have a USB Harddrive connected with Wiiflow working perfectly, and wont bother fixing my DVD drive.

    My question is I Have firmware 3.1u and wonder if there are any advantages for me to upgrade to 4.2x ?
    All the games I have now are running fine but I am wondering if I am missing an updated internet channel (opera) or something like that, also are there any games that wont work with 3.1u that would be worth the upgrade?

    I have searched found good upgrade tutorials but not found the reason why I should.


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    Games are IOS-dependent, not System Menu-dependent. With 4.1 (notice I say 4.1) you'll get SDHC capability, VC capability, and so forth. 4.2 was solely introduced as a HBC killer. Look in the Recommended Guides and find and follow Dogegg's Softmod for any 3.1-4.1 Wii tutorial. You'll also get Priiloader support, to suppress disc updates, online updates, etc. So long as your DVD drive is attached and your SD card slot works and you have wifi, this can be done.

    You might also want to post in the Introductions Section of the site, something that wiihacks asks of first-time posters (better a post late than never).

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    Im agree with Nightstah, 4.1 is a nice place to be in a softmod world. Follow the guide he mentioned. Priiloader is definitely recommended. There is also a nice thread on wht ios's games use to run by Tealc in the recommended guide section. Real handy if you ever get black screens when loading a particular game.
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