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Thread: Problem reading some disks

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    Unhappy Problem reading some disks

    Hey guys, I just bought a used wii from a friend a few days ago, he had it hard modded in 2007 or 2008, but he doesn't remember what chip was installed. anyway the wii has some difficulty loading some disks, I try to load smash brothers brawl and Mario strikers (both are original disks) and the console says that the disk can't be read. the only way I can get them to load is to turn the wii off, disconnect the power for like 20 secs, plug it back in, turn it up and finally insert the game. the same happens with some copies he gave me. this would make me think that the lens is dirty or maybe damaged, but there are 3 disks (punchout, mario galaxy, mario kart) that work flawlessly, so it kind of makes me think that the lens might be ok and that the mod chip might be causing some problem, like I said, I cant seem to determine what modchip it has, so I have no way of updating it (if at all possible). my wii has menu 4.1u installed and the serial is LU31931xxxx.

    I have tried searching for like 3 hours now and really haven't found any similar cases.

    I have some questions;
    1) has this happened to anyone here? any suggestions on how to make my wii read the disks more constantly?
    2) is this something that could be remedied doing a softmod?
    3) is it safe to softmod a wii that already has a modchip?
    4) any tips on how to find out what chip I have installed?

    thanks in advance and sorry for my English

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    Look here, or show your friend you purchased this unit off of. That may help ID the modchip (unless you've got a triwing screwdriver and more than willing to crack'er open to check).

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