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Thread: Resident evil archives neogamma

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    Us Resident evil archives neogamma

    hey guys i just recently got resident for wii and put it into my usb hdd, when i use Neogamma r8 b7 (rev14) at first i was getting a green screen but then i mess look around the forums and read that some people got the game working perfectly with these settings...

    Boot Lang: auto force
    Force video: PAL480i
    patch video: all
    VIDTV patch: yes
    patch country Str: yes

    config options-
    Hook type: none
    ocarina: no
    debugger: no
    Altern. .dol: disc
    save config: yes

    when i put these settings the games loads but the bottom screen of the game is like out of place but the games works fine. i have a NTSC wii

    any help will be appreciated, if this has been discussed and i miss it im sorry for not seeing it, thanks in advance
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    I'm drawn to the PAL480i setting.

    So you have a NTSC Wii and probably a NTSC game, there should be no reason to force PAL.

    Try forcing NTSC, or one if it's variations and try again.

    I haven't noticed anything special needed to load this game but do forgive me if there is difficulty addressed and resolved elsewhere.
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    oh i forgot to add that in there, the game is PAL

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    You have to force to the video of your Wii.

    If the game is PAL, then the video will be PAL, and if your Wii is PAL, you don't have to force anything.

    But if the game is PAL, then the video will be PAL, but if your Wii is NTSC, you have to force NTSC video to make it work.

    My best suggestion is: aquire the game for your console. I have never ever used a PAL game, why would I?
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    Reasons to buy a PAL game.

    Some games aren't released in North America.
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    Give me an example of a PAL released game that wasn't released NTSC.

    I can give you examples of a NTSC game never released in PAL: Fatal Frame 4, since Japan is NTSC.

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    Pikmin 2 off the top of my head. There are others as well. Anyways, that wasn't the point of my reply. This is off topic so I won't reply anymore.
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    hi help please

    hi i have wii 4.1u, I already install homebrew channel and neo gamma but when inserts the RE archive it will load but after a few second there was a error message saying that
    unable to read the disc please read the user manual for trouble shooting something like that
    any help will appreciate me...thanks in advance.

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    As a first-time poster, it's asked of you as a new user to post an intro here. What softmod guide did you follow, a wiihacks one? What cIOS and revision? Backup, or original retail? DVD or USB HD? This game works fine for me on 4.1U Wii. This has been an inactive thread for the past 6 months+...

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