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Thread: A New WiiHacks Site Surprise

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    A New WiiHacks Site Surprise

    A New WiHacks Site Surprise - Congratulations to wiicycler

    As most of our members should know, after registration as a new member of the WiiHacks community, a post to introduce yourself to the community is expected and encouraged. Posting in the Introductions Forum has dual benefits in that a welcome post, containing useful information and links to site indices and tutorials, is posted in response and we all get to meet a new member.

    A new benefit has been scored by our new member wiicycler. Wiicycler has been awarded the gift of starred donor status; a banner and star has been awarded as a gift to wiicycler. This gift has been awarded on the basis of wiicycler’s entertaining, compelling, and worthy introduction. Please read wiicycler’s introductory post HERE.

    So, New Members-introduce yourself to your new community. You will receive a welcome post with lots of useful information and links, you might make a few friends here, and you may even win a surprise gift.

    Benefits of Donation

    In addition to the warm fuzzy feeling from doing the right thing in showing your support, appreciation, and your thanks to WiiHacks, we are in the process of saving up money to purchase a new dedicated server that will increase the speed of server processes, increase the number of simultaneous connections, and provide myriad benefits to our still-growing large and varied community.

    A donation of any amount is welcome and much appreciated. A donation of at least USD $5.00 will merit a donator banner under the member username. Donors at that level may PM site staff; in addition, a donor is considered a Priority Member in IRC Chatroom. Donation levels are described as follows (US dollars):

    An Email of thanks is sent for any donation up to $4.99
    A donator banner is added to your Avatar field with a donation between $5 -10
    1 star = $10.01 to $25
    2 stars = $25.01 to $50
    3 stars = $50.01 to $100
    4 stars = $100.01 to $200
    VIP status = $200.01 to $400
    Benefactor status = $400.01 to $800

    Starred donors are given access to the Private Forums where other perks are available. Such perks can include invitations to private trackers, unique programs, and access to an exclusive monthly newsletter.

    Currently, donation amounts are cumulative and banner/star awards do not expire. Donors who arrange for a Paypal automatic regular payment option will receive their banner or star upon reaching each cumulative donor level.
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