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Thread: Help Creating a Theme

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    Help Creating a Theme

    So I have bootmii as boot2 and preloader v0.29 so I am giving these a try. Now I am trying to follow this guide but I for the life of me can't figure out how to decrypt the key.bin with NUSD.

    So if you don't feel like clicking the link here is what it says.

    1. Downloading & stuff
    * Download the mymenu pack and extract it. Copy the Mymenuify folder to the apps folder on the SD card.
    * Run the Mymenu Setup.
    * Get the Makekeybin.exe (in the downloads section) and let it generate a key.bin. Place it in the NUSD folder.

    2. Run the NUS Downloader. At the bottom, check Pack -> Wad. Since we have the key.bin now, you can also check Decrypt contents (so click it).
    * NUS (System > System menu > Your current system menu version &WAD)

    3. Open the new folder (named 0000000100000002vXXX). You will see a lot of .app files here. The one you need to find is different for each system menu:
    Anyhow I made a key.bin though the app was quite simple. It simply said type 42 and press enter. Wouldn't this make the same file for everyone? If so why the need for an app when we could just get the file? Am I missing something? Anyhow back to original problem. I put the file into the folderand started the program checked the proper pack for my region but I see nothing that has a decrypt feature. So any help would be great. Thanks a lot and I love the community. I just got back into to Wii modding and have been reading up here since January to beef up my knowledge so I am not a total annoying n00b. Anyhow I feel comfortable with my Wii now with bootmii & preloader with dumps of my keys and nand. So again any help would be great!!

    Wii:4.1U Bootmii, PriiLoader, cIOSX rev 19, Hermes cIOS 202/222/223/224
    System Menu: DarkWii
    WODE:2.0 FW w/ WODE Channel
    Storage:1TB HDD, 16gb & 2gb SD Card, 32gb flash drive

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