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Thread: N64 Flash Cart and N64 **Pic**

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    N64 Flash Cart & N64 Package **PIC**

    So I need some cash to get my daughter something and my flash cart needs to go. It is the Neo Myth N64 cart that came out two months ago. I have had it less than 2 months myself I just need some cash. Comes like new as it has all original contents and packaging. These go for $200 plus shipping and paypal fees from IC2005 so I was thinking $125 shipped. Paypal only please and I can provide more pictures, phone number and references from several other communities due to my new nature. I just figured it wouldn't hurt to ask. If there is a problem I will gladly pull this down ASAP.

    Cart comes with all original packaging, software, cart, memory, and a USB cable. It isn't the one that came with it as they shipped faulty cables with some carts. It is fully documented on their forums. You could send it back to China for a replacement or get a new one. I chose get a new one. Besides the other was lie only 4 inches long and way to short as it had to hang from my USB port with that one. It now rest on my desktop.

    Oh and another cool thing is all BETA's, unreleased, hacks, and translations work as well. It's really fun to enjoy these on the actual hardware and I will be sad to see it go but alas times are hard.

    Link for a new flash cart that ships from china and takes forever. US based at a discounted price.

    I also have a N64 with two controllers (analogue's are minty fresh as well), rumble packs, memory cards, and expansion pack I am looking to move. There is also a few games I will toss in for free. Let me know if you want it as well I will cut you an awesome deal. I am just not a N64 fan. This was the first one I have ever had and it just isn't for me and I need some funds for my little one asap. I'll let the N64 with all accessories and three games go for $30+ shipping. Or both for $15o shipped with delivery confirmation.

    N64 Package
    (1) Black NTSC-U N64 with official Nintendo cables
    (2) Controllers both perfect analogue sticks. (1) green (1) purple
    (1) RAM Expansion Pack
    (1) Rumble Pack
    (2) Memory cards. (1) Official (1) Third-party
    (3) N64 carts Pilot Wings, Diddy Kong Racing, Star Wars : Pod Racer

    Will send more pics from my phone to any email needed as I have a crummy 3G mobile broadband connection on my laptop but it sucks so it is much easier to send them from my Blackberry. It took about 4 minutes to upload that one picture and the pics I will send are of the same quality as above since that was taken with my cell phone as well.
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