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Thread: Recent email from Wasabi Support, FYI.

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    Recent email from Wasabi Support, FYI.

    Recent email from Wasabi Support, FYI.

    Wasabi Support:
    We didn't receive any complain concerning the WII system up to 4.2, we tested it on our side and everything work properly.

    2009-09-30 : After several tests we can confirm the rumor about the new firmware 4.2 from NINTENDO breaking imports it removes the ability to play any import at all due to a new check. This is the same for every other mod chip on the market. The R&D team are working on it to find a solution and soon as more news coming out, the web site will be updated with all needed informations.

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    Recent as of 7 months ago? Old news, but thanks for playing, lol. You and the rest of our studio audiance will be recieving a Mr. Coffee Brewmaster...

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    I'm behind.
    New to me.
    The first line was from just this weekend. The bottom a supposed an old quote they send customers.

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    The update to 4.2 blocks out-of-region games on all Wiis, and this is a problem for all modchips, including the Wasabi DX. It has nothing to do with the way the modchips work. The only way to fix it is by softmodding.

    The new statement (above the September 2009 one) from the Wasabi team seems to just address the general question of whether Wasabix DX at all works on 4.2. Which it does (however, with the region limitation).

    Did the Wasabi DX team really reply with the new statement in the very same replay as the quote of the old statement? Because they seem to address different things.
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    The original question mentioned an NTSC Wii with only NTSC backups.

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    Hmm, ok, just to avoid confusion if anyone else stumbles upon this post later on:

    The Wasabi DX works perfectly fine with Wii system menu 4.2. However, the 4.2 update results in a limitation in that you are only able to play games from the same region (Europe/Australia, North America, Korea or Japan) as your Wii. This has nothing to do with the modchip, but is solely related to a restriction included in the 4.2 update. The only way to fix it on a 4.2 Wii is to softmod.


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