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Thread: USB Loader GX ______ Triiforce

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    USB Loader GX ______ Triiforce

    I was asking myself if I must install USB Loader GX before I make the nand dump that I will use with triiforce or I can install it after.

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    You could make 2, one before and one after.

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    The NAND dump would be ever so slightly smaller but asides from that there is no difference in the order you do things. Triiforce doesn't care what USB loading channels you have installed.
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    I don't understand the part 7 or 8 of step 4 of the Triiforce MRC guide. What is the relation between my wads and the games. sorry to be nood but my games are in the computer in iso format ??? Does Triiforce will load games in iso or wad format. If it is only in wad. How can I convert iso to wad ?
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    it's a direction tell the program where you keep your wads in my case I have a back up on my computer or the wad directory on the sd card or wad directory on my hdd so you can select the ones to add to the nand dump so when you load the nand dump it will have a list of games all ready to play .
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    I want to play games in iso format that exceed 4 gig so I don't understand something in that guide. How Triiforce will read from my external drive games that are in iso format ?

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    Triiforce is to play wii ware games, not wii games. I did not know they came in iso format. I downloaded a pack and were all wad files.

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    Just want to say thanks to the one who help me here. I'm now playing games from my external HD using neogamma. Thanks !


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