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Thread: Trimming ISOs With WiiScrubber 1.40

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    Trimming ISOs With WiiScrubber 1.40

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone know exactly how this feature works. I would like to store all my ISOs on my hard drives outside of RAR files and take up as little space as possible. I noticed that this seemed to have taken off all the excess "padding" on the Wii games rather then just make it all 0s or whatever scrubbing does to the fluff.

    Whats the drawback of trimming the games?

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    you can use this application will extract the iso from wbfs drive at the same size....

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    Thanks, looks promising. Probably doing the same thing as the trim feature from wiiscrubber. Still curious as to the drawbacks of doing this though. I have to test and see if these games will work when burned since they dont cover the full size DVD like all Wii games, im guessing the answer is no so thats a drawback if you need to have all these games burnable for DVD use, for storage/USB use they are good to go trimmed.

    Ive found that putting all the scrubbed games into a folder and they putting that folder and everything to compress works pretty good, for storage at least. Have not tested with burning/loading onto drives. They are a little bigger then they normally are in RARs but they are unpacked so thats good. Means I can add multiple games to WBFS manager quickly unlike selecting 1 game at a time in RARs and having to wait for it to unpack which is so time consuming... Really wish you could Q up multiple RARed games or something, but cant expect the program to be feature loaded, just to do what it needs to do.


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