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Thread: Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles Freezing???????

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    Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles Freezing???????

    I have a NTSC-USA version wii and I've been trying to play REDC (tried both NTSC and PAL versions) and it freezes on the first mission with Leon and Claire (Where there is suppose to be a zombie who busts through the doors in front of the police station and charge at you). Well, it just stays there and the zombie keeps banging on the door and nothing happens. If I try to pause the game, it freezes the wii. I've tried multiple iso's and loaders. I play my games on USB Loader GX (IOS 249 rev 14).

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    I would guess it to be a bad download or a bad burn (if you're using discs use verbatim dvd-r discs and burn with IMGburn at a slow speed like 2 or 4x.)

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    Well actually, I am not using discs. I'm using USB Loader GX (the latest version). I've downloaded multiple iso's of REDSC (both NTSC and Pal) and both freeze at same point. Could it be that I need to upgrade IOS 249 to newer version (I have rev 14)?

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    14 is good. couldn't hurt to upgrade to rev17 and see if it helps.

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    Thats odd, works fine for me. Using CFG Usb Loader, rev14.

    Does sound like a bad rip but if you have tried other ISO's then I guess not.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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