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Thread: Wii 3D Homebrew Library

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    Wii 3D Homebrew Library

    I don't know where this topic goes, but does anyone know a 3D Library for the Wii that's written in c or c++ ?

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    Thread moved to Coding Section.

    Only one that i can think of is GRRLIB, Its mainly a 2D library, but the newest release, 4.2.0, has started to implement 3D features.


    * First support to 3D functions
    * GRRLIB_CompoStart and GRRLIB_CompoEnd for real GX compositing with transparency support
    * GRRLIB_Screen2Texture is now fully optimized
    * USB_Gecko output facilities
    * GRRLIB_Compose was deleted since it was not fully using GX
    * GRRLIB_GetColor was deleted, the RGBA macro should be used instead
    * Lot of new sample code :
    o 3D_CubedTileDemo (How to use dynamic texturing)
    o 3D_sample1 (A simple rotating flat cube)
    o 3D_sample2 (A simple rotating textured cube)
    o 3D_sample3 (A textured cube and compositing)
    o 3D_sample4 (A complex object rotating)
    o basic_drawing (How to use some basic GRRLIB functions)
    o bitmap_fx (Effects ShowRoom)
    o blending (How to use blending mode)
    o compositing (A simple compositing how to)
    o funsin (A gradient sinusoid dancing)
    o particle (A nice particle sample code)
    o template (Use this as a basis for your project)
    o TileDemo (This will show you how to use tiles/tileset and map)
    o unlimited2d (A faky technic for unlimited sprites)
    o unlimited3d (Same as above but with 3D)


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