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    ok guys let me try explain this right lol.
    my mum and dad have got a modded wii from near enough release date
    i bought 1 about a month ago and got mine modded too.
    the chip cost me 70quid as it was a brand new chip apparently
    my mum and dads cost 35quid as there wii was an old model, anyway
    all the games ive downloaded work on my wii no problems at all BUT
    i went to my mum and dads today with a few of my games and tried it on theres its says...disk read error or shows the start up page then black screen
    i patch my games with regionfrii and use wiiblocker so i know its not that.
    some1 mentioned i might have to patch the games so they work on older wii models does any1 know if this is true or not. the patch is called something like truncher or something like that i cant see nothing on google.
    hope i explained clearly enough and you friendly ppl can help me out
    thank you...

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    If the games are newer and they haven't updated thier modchip firmware to the latest version then that could be one reason. What is the modchip installed in their Wii? If its WiiKey then they would need to update to the latest update (1.9s) and use the latest config disc all found here -> :: Official Site of the WiiKey Modchip

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    are you using dvd+rs for your images? if so try using dvd-rs and check to see if both your wiis are using the same system update and the one with the wiikey is updated as jbloggs suggests


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