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Thread: WAD with USB CFGloader HARD DRIVE

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    WAD with USB CFGloader HARD DRIVE

    I have put all my games onto a FAT32 HD and also the USBloader CFG without any problem all works fine but when I use the forwarder to launch the program it says I'm using 52A and when I go to update the program it tell me version 56C is there but when I download and install it and reboot it still says 52A when booting up how can I update this online when using the forwarder?

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    Basically the forwarder version is different to your SD installed version. It's not important.

    If you wish a newer version of the forwarder (shortcut) channel then just look for the latest revision.

    I download my USBLGX forwarder around about 9 months ago and have since updated USBGLX about a dozen times, the forwarder still works. It just doesn't matter.
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    so what you are saying is eventho the forwarder is will say 56 and I update the software it is still updated to the latest version is that what you mean if so how come when i go to launch the games it says rev 19 ios249 cfg ver56 eventho i downloaded version 57?
    am i still upto date with all the changes to the program or do i manually have to update the forwarder


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