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Thread: Donation Levels

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    Donation Levels

    A donation of any amount is welcome and much appreciated. A donation to WiiHacks can be made through the Donate button located on the Site Navigation bar; donations are made through PayPal.

    A donation of at least USD $5.00 will merit a donator banner under the member username. Donors at that level may PM site staff; in addition, a donor is considered a Priority Member in IRC Chatroom. Donation levels are as follows (US dollars):

    An Email of thanks is sent for any donation up to $4.99
    A donator banner is added to your Avatar field with a donation between $5 -10
    1 star = $10.01 to $25
    2 stars = $25.01 to $50
    3 stars = $50.01 to $100
    4 stars = $100.01 to $200
    VIP status = $200.01 to $400
    Benefactor status = $400.01 to $800
    Patron status = $800.01 to $1000
    Champion status = $1000.01 to $5,000
    Altruist status = $5000.01-$10,000
    Guardian designation is for >$10,000.00

    Starred donors are given access to the Private Forums where other perks are available. Such perks can include invitations to private trackers, unique programs, and access to an exclusive monthly newsletter. Starred donors may also receive more one-on-one assistance, via PM communication, from the site staff.

    Currently, donation amounts are cumulative and banner/star awards do not expire. Donors who arrange for a Paypal automatic regular payment option will receive their banner or star upon reaching each cumulative donor level.

    Once a donation is confirmed, your star/banner should appear under your username within 3 days. After 3 days without your beautiful banner and/or star, please PM Emuhack or Skellinator with the following information:

    Date of transaction; amount of transaction; and PayPal Transaction Identification Number.

    Note - in this specific situation, you are allowed to PM either Emuhack or Skellinator to both report this problem and to provide the requested needed information so that this issue can be resolved. Thank you for your donation.

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    Good info for everyone to know!
    Please donate!
    The knowledge you'll gain is priceless!

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    Thanks gen, but do these amounts compound onto whats already been donated or is it a one time amount?

    Also do donor stars ever disappear?

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    at this point they are added on

    there is no set expiry time yet...

    Wiihacks Super Mod / Admin

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    Looks like I might need to make a donation of $0.01 so I can be V.I.P.

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    Makes me feel like an extra star.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    Thanks for the INFO!!!!

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    thanks and donated

    do i need to inform anyone about the donation ?

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    No sir, the admin of the site checks frequently and updates stats. Thank you for donating and helping to keep us running.
    Sent from my van, down by the river.

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    I upped my ante from 1-star to 2-star to show my support

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